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What to Expect After Buying Your Dress

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

So, you’ve finally found your perfect prom, bridesmaid or wedding dress… What happens next?

Well, here’s a guide to what to expect after buying a dress from Lily’s Boutique.

At Lily’s Boutique, we offer a full-service package in-house, including consultation, fitting, alterations, and styling. This makes things easier and cheaper for you, by removing the hassle of having to find a separate seamstress or stylist.

Throughout the process of finding, and being fitted for, your perfect dress, we recognise that you might like a second opinion. So, you’re always more than welcome to bring a friend or relative along to help.

So, what happens when you buy your wedding, bridesmaid, or prom dress from Lily’s Boutique?

Dress consultation

Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, or are heading to your end of school prom, you can expect to receive a comprehensive dress consultation at Lily’s Boutique. You can even bring photos with if you have an idea of the kind of dress you’re hoping to wear.

As a dedicated boutique, we have a range of dresses to suit all shapes, styles and budgets.

Trying on the Dress

Once you’ve had your consultation, you can try on as many dresses as you wish. We appreciate that this is something that shouldn’t be rushed, So, as part of the process, we ensure you have plenty of time to try on and take photographs in as many as you’d like.


Once you’ve chosen the dress of your choice, it’s recommended that you have 2 or 3 fittings, which typically last about 30 minutes each. The first of these fittings is where we take your measurements to make sure your dress fits like a glove. The first appointment usually lasts longer than any future fittings and tends to take place 8 to 10 weeks before your wedding date.

If the dress needs alterations (which dresses usually do to achieve the ideal fit for you), then we offer in-house alterations to ensure your dress looks perfect, and you feel comfortable and confident whilst wearing it.

The dress fitting is usually around two weeks before the event, but some ladies will have another fitting in-between these two appointments. This usually depends on how many alterations are being made.


We recognise that no two women are the same. So, it stands to reason that the same dress will fit each person differently – even if they wear the same dress size as each other.

We aim to ensure every bride, bridesmaid, and prom go-er has a dress that makes them look and feel fantastic.

That’s why we offer a professional in-house alteration service – something that many other bridal shops don’t have. With years of industry experience behind them, our team have even helped dress stars, including footballers’ wives before their special day.

By having alterations made in-house at Lily’s Boutique, you can avoid a lot of stress, travel time and cost, not to mention the typical long waiting lists for seamstresses.

We’ll ensure you know the cost of the in-house alterations before making your booking and will always offer you fantastic value. We also professionally steam your dress, to avoid any creases, so you can look absolutely stunning for the big occasion.

What type of alterations can be made to my dress?

There are lot of alterations that can be made to your dress. Some of the alterations we can complete for you include:

  • Hemming: a straightforward alteration where the hem is shortened. It means you can avoid tripping over your dress and your shoes will be more visible too.

  • Adjusting the bust, back, hips, or waist: this can include adding padding to support your boobs, removing fabric to help with the fit on your back, and/or cinching the waist of the dress for a more flattering appearance.

  • Shortening straps: this will help eliminate the need to constantly pull your shoulder straps up.

  • Adding sleeves or other final touches: whether you’d like to add sleeves or crystals, we’ll do our best to accommodate all requests, so you have the perfect dress for your big event.


We pride ourselves with our quick turnaround for alterations compared to high street seamstresses, as everything is managed in-house, so there’s little to no waiting time. Once your dress is ready, our friendly and experienced team will arrange for a final trying on and styling, to make sure you’re happy with how the dress fits you.

As part of the styling process, we’ll get you to bring in the shoes and any accessories you plan on wearing with you on the day. This way, you can see exactly how you will look and get some styling advice if needed.

Are you looking for the perfect dress for your special day? Contact a member of Lily’s Boutique today and we’ll be happy to help you find the dress of your dreams.

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