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At Lily’s Boutique we create an intimate experience, where you are made to feel comfortable in a one-to-one private appointment, as we truly specialise in plus size wedding dresses and gowns, from size 14 to 32 and made to measure too - with well-structured gowns to support and sculpt, in a variety of fabulous shapes and amazing fabrics, including chiffon and tulle, satin and lace – in delicate shades of champagne, blush and ivory and wonderful soft floral prints.


Don’t be put off if a pastel print is not your thing - we have lots of alternative ideas.

For example, you want a black wedding dress?  Then that’s what we will create!  Don’t be shy - tell us what you’re dreaming of !


We are super-experienced in getting the right shaped dress for your body shape. 

You want to show your shoulders but hide your arms?  Don’t worry, we can do that too...


We offer one-to-one private appointments in a relaxed, fun environment - looking forward to meeting you soon!

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