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Choosing the Right Dress for Your Body Type

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

At Lily’s Boutique being part of somebody’s special day is something we take very seriously. To us, choosing the ‘right’ dress has no boundaries, and we want you to wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident wearing on your special day. We’re strong believers in wearing what you feel best in.

Choosing a wedding dress should be an exciting and positive experience, however, some brides can feel nervous at the idea of trying on dresses or overwhelmed at the number of different shapes, styles, fits, and colours. We work closely with our brides on a 1-1 basis to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed throughout the experience and that they leave our shop having found the dress of their dreams.

With sample styles on display in-store from sizes 8-30, we have dresses to suit just about everyone. We offer professional in-house alterations to ensure that your dress works with your body shape and size to achieve maximum comfort and huge smiles.

If you’re currently looking for a wedding dress, we’ve put together a guide to dresses typically worn by brides of different shapes and sizes to flatter, accentuate, and elongate the natural body shape, making you feel beautiful in the skin you’re in.


The hourglass shape is one of the most sought-after styles of gowns for brides of all shapes and sizes. The corset-style top is usually structured and well fitted for support in the bust area and cinches in at the waist before flowing beautifully to the floor. Suitable for both bigger and smaller busted brides, the corset of the dress can be adjusted to boost the cleavage or smooth and support bigger busted girls. If you’re a girl that tends to hide your shape under baggy t-shirts, the hourglass may feel out of your comfort zone at first, but you could try one on to see how it looks and feels. The right fitting hourglass gown can really show off your body shape and help you appreciate your curves.

Ball Gown

The ball gown, often nicknamed the Cinderella gown, is one of the go-to dresses if you are after the wow factor. Typically, this style is a great option for brides who have bigger busts, as the voluminous skirt balances the body shape, whereas girls with smaller boobs can add beading, lace or ruching to emphasise their shape. Some brides love the ‘poofiness’ of the skirt and the contrast between the cinched in waist. However, those with bigger hips have reported that the volume of the dress has made them feel wider than they are. If this is the case, we can keep embellishments in the skirt minimal and choose a lighter fabric to take out some of the bulk. Your imagination is the limit, so let us know what you want and let’s see if we can rise to the challenge.


The A-Line is very much one of the most popular gown shapes. Multiple neckline shapes and styles are available. Notable features are a fitted waistline and flared skirt falling to the ground. With different sleeve and fabrication options, this is often regarded as a true “traditional” style. As the name suggests, the style effectively gives the skirt the shape of the letter “A.” This shape is very flattering, adding no fullness around the waistline and falling smoothly over the hips.


The mermaid is commonly known as the next level hourglass and is the perfect dress for accentuating curves in the bust, waist, hips, and thighs. The mermaid style contours the body from bust to knee before flaring at the train. This is a perfect option for those who want to add curvature to slimmer body types or those who want to emphasise natural curves. Due to the style of this dress being very fitted, shapewear can help to smooth any problem areas and make you feel more comfortable. It’s very important that you don’t feel restricted in your dress, so our seamstress can create alterations to make the fit more forgiving in the right places.


Perfect for both slender, petite frames, and curves, the Trumpet is a toned-down version of the mermaid. Slightly less figure-hugging, the trumpet has a straighter bodice before flaring at the mid-thigh. As the name suggests, the gradual flare of the skirt resembles the shape of the musical instrument's bell. Different necklines can transform the overall look of this dress too. Those with delicate necklines often opt for a deep V shape neck or a ruching detail to make the bust appear larger.


For those looking for something different, the tea dress might be the perfect option for you. Adaptable for all body shapes and sizes, the tea dress covers all dresses with skirts that finish anywhere between the ankle and the knee. It’s a beautiful yet sensible middle-ground and is the perfect choice for brides having a small ceremony, intimate registry, or bridal brunch. The length of this dress is ideal for those that don’t want a full-length gown or want to show off some beautiful wedding shoes. Shorter brides often report feeling swamped in long dresses so this shorter style can help combat that. These dresses are classy and feminine without exposing too much if you don’t want to.

Slip Dresses

Minimal, sophisticated and chic, the slip dress gives a ‘less is more vibe for those looking for something low-key. Slip dresses are best being made to measure for a ‘fits like a glove’ feel. The simplicity of a slip dress can be enhanced with embellishments, back detailing, and the neckline of your choice. A silky slip dress can flatter a slender or athletic frame whilst enhancing curves at the hips. These are timeless and versatile and available in silky sheen fabrics.

We hope that this guide to some of the most popular dress styles gives you an insight into the types of dresses commonly worn by specific body types. Above all, we believe it’s important to choose a dress that you feel most comfortable in on your special day, whatever the shape and style. For help choosing the right dress for your body type, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer our guidance whilst listening to your preferences and requirements.

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