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Wedding Nail Designs To Complement Your Dress

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

One of the little details that can make a big difference to you looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is your nails. You may have picked your hairstyle, your dress, your makeup, and your décor, but now it’s time to focus on your manicure! The big day calls for beautiful nail designs in elegant shapes to really make you feel special, just as a bride-to-be should.

Polish, acrylic, dip, or gel?

The first thing to do is decide which nail treatment you want. The first is the traditional manicure which includes treating your hands, cuticles, and nails with care, often with a hand massage, and using regular polish to paint the nails. It takes longer to dry, so this is likely just a plain colour option but is easy to remove at home with just a cotton pad and some nail varnish remover. If you’re going down this route, and want a natural look, you can always emulate the Royal Family in their choice of the iconic Ballet Slippers, by Essie.

The second choice is to get an acrylic manicure. Acrylic nails are a combination of powder and liquid monomer. This mixture is applied onto the natural nail using a brush to shape it. The nails are then left to air dry. Acrylic nails don’t require an LED lamp to cure unless they are gel acrylics. Some brides choose this look if they want longer nails, or nails that are more sturdy and less likely to chip.

A dip manicure is somewhere between a classic manicure and acrylic nails. After the application of a base coat, the nail artist will apply the powder straight to the nail using a brush. The powder will be the colour you have chosen for your manicure and finished off with a top coat.

The last option is a gel manicure. A gel manicure typically lasts two to three weeks so it is a good option if you want your manicure to last, for example, if you’re heading off on honeymoon straight away. It can be applied to the natural nail, or with extensions. If using BIAB, the nail can be ‘extended’ using the gel but is less sturdy than the plastic extensions.

Nail colour and design inspiration

Here is a range of ideas to suit whatever theme, and vibe, you’re going for.

A modern twist on the traditional nude

A clean, classic, nude but with a cute little pearl on each hair. Subtle, but definitely not boring!

White and plenty of bling

These are a beautiful option if you want to bring some added drama to your look!

The classic French manicure

Sometimes, you just need to stick to your trusty and faithful option: true of so many things including your wedding nails!

Nail art to match your colour scheme

Such a lovely way to bring your personality, and theme, into your nail design!

Embracing your history and culture

Sometimes, it’s about more than just the aesthetic.

You can always be bold

This bright, neon yellow is an amazing way to introduce flashes of colour into your look. They’d work especially well if you were planning a Spring or Summer wedding!

Sparkly glitter nails

Choosing nails like these would be a great option for something that transitions well from day to night!

Going extra and loving it!

If you usually have bold or intricate nail designs, don’t feel as if you need to tone them down for your wedding. Embrace the bold!

We hope that’s given you some ideas of what to try when the big day comes around.

If you’re planning to grow your nails before the big day, remember to boost your vitamin intake and add protein, omega 3 and fatty acids to your diet. Make sure you don’t bite or pick your nails and pop some cuticle oil on before you go to bed.

Remember, whatever you choose, have a practice run in advance and don’t just use someone new at the last minute. There’s too much potential for stress that you don’t need.

Got any pics of your wedding nails? Tag us on Instagram (@lilysboutiquesheffield) as we’d love to see them!

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