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From Full Glam To Barely There – Perfecting Your Wedding Day Makeup

Choosing your makeup style is almost as important as picking your wedding dress. Whether you decide on the full glam style or prefer a more natural, barely there style, we’re here to help you find a look you’re comfortable in, that suits your style.

Skin prep; nailing a skincare routine months before the day

An artist wouldn’t be able to paint a masterpiece without a well-prepared canvas, and your makeup is the same. If you wear makeup like foundation, concealer, and powder, then you need a good base. For your makeup to be flawless, focus on the base. Have a skincare routine that works for you and keeps your skin clear and hydrated. Your skin can take a while to get used to new products so it’s important to start this process a few months before the big day. Don’t book a facial or a peel two days before the big day: it won’t work out well for you!

It's also important to remember that your base on the day is important too and only takes the right products and a few simple steps to get a flawless makeup application that makes it look like you were born with perfect skin.

Choosing a makeup look to match your style

There are so many makeup styles out there; in the end, your comfort is the top priority. If you live and breathe full glam, then you might opt for airbrushed wedding makeup. If you’re more of natural beauty then a couple of spots of concealer, some soft eyeshadow and some mascara might be all you want! Either way, it’s important to have makeup trials before the big day to make sure you’re 100% set on your look. Remember, no matter whether you’re going for a more natural or neutral glam wedding look, you’ll need to wear more makeup than normal to translate in photography.

Full glam make-up

If you’ve decided that you love a dramatic look, then full glam is the way to go for your special day. This is the ideal choice for brides who don’t mind, or even love, wearing a lash and having full coverage face makeup. It’s also ideal for those who want a smokey eye or a bold red lip. It’s one of the most transformative looks, including full contour, highlight, cut creases, and big lashes.

“No Makeup” makeup

Natural or fresh makeup is ideal for summer brides, especially those having their wedding somewhere warm and humid. No one wants to feel like their makeup is dripping off their face, but it doesn’t mean you need to go bare-faced. Think about using tinted moisturisers, lengthening mascara, and a hint of blush to give you a fresh and natural flush on the cheeks. This no-makeup makeup look will give you some coverage and colour to your look without looking “cakey”.

Natural glam

Neutral makeup is popular amongst brides who are looking for full coverage but want a more timeless look. A natural glam wedding makeup look includes soft shades of earth, taupe, grey and pink tones. Neutral makeup can be dramatic or subtle, depending on the look you’re wanting. A neutral wedding makeup look is ideal for when you know you need to wear more makeup than normal to translate into photography while remaining an elevated version of yourself.

Choosing your wedding lipstick

Is there such a thing as the perfect lipstick colour? Personally, we’re still hunting for the ultimate better-than-natural shade; not too pink, not overly nude, and with a hint of shine. The fact is one shade doesn’t fit all! Don’t want a natural shade? That’s fine too! Lipstick is so personal—some even opt for only a lip balm to avoid the hassle of reapplication! It’s important to test out your chosen colour for two full weeks before deciding on a shade. Wear it to the gym, with different makeup looks, bold eye shadows, and with little to no foundation. Put it to its limits!

Pull inspiration from celebrities

A great way to narrow down makeup looks that match your style and venue is by looking at what others did and identifying your favourite features. You may have fallen in love with J-Lo’s wedding day lipstick; the trusty Pillow Talk from Charlotte Tilbury. Maybe it was Stacey Solomon’s lashes that sends your heart a flutter. By figuring out what you like the most about the celebrity looks, then you’ll find it easier to personalise it to you.

If you want to find your dream dress, please get in touch to book your appointment. We’re more than happy to help.

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