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Recreating the Laidback and Romantic Style of Stacey Solomon's Wedding Look

Where to start with the wedding of ever lovable Stacy Solomon and Joe Swash? It’s been an emotional journey for them through the planning and especially during the day. Onlookers, through the world of Instagram, have joined them on this emotional rollercoaster and, when the pictures of the day were finally shared, people across the country wept together. At least, that’s how it felt to us! What a beautiful day – both how it looked and the generous personal touches littered throughout it.

Stacy Solomon’s radiant wedding dress

Unsurprisingly, Stacy’s wedding dress is gorgeous and, from the pictures shared on her Instagram, it seems as if she felt truly gorgeous too. This is what we like all of our brides to feel!

Stacy’s dress was ivory, in a shade that perfectly complimented her skin tone and hair colour. If you love the look and want to have something similar for yourself, look for:

  • A structured, corseted bodice with a sweetheart neckline.

  • Long and floaty full skirt featuring some applique, which appears demure but has the thigh slit for a more flirtatious edge.

  • Skinny straps, which Stacey then customised to add the off-shoulder straps.

Photo credit: Chelsea White/Stacy Solomon

Stacy’s hair, makeup, and accessories to complete the radiant and romantic look

Stacy’s vision for a more natural, laidback wedding look continued through her hair, makeup, and accessories.

In anticipation of her big day, she changed her hair colour from her usual bright red to a more natural blonde. A professional hairdresser helped to strip out the red and pre-lighten her hair and, in keeping with her accessible style, she used a box dye to get the final look. Specifically, L’Oreal Paris Preference Hair Colour in shade 9.12 Blonde.

Her jewellery was simple so as not to overshadow the dress with her hair long with loose flowing waves topped with a flower crown and a long veil.

As we said, beautiful! We’re very happy for the couple and we wish them all the best with their marriage.

If you’re looking to create your own laidback and romantic wedding look, we’d love to help you do that. Let’s arrange an appointment!

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