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Shades Of The Season – Winter Wedding Colour Themes

We love winter weddings. We know that a lot of people worry about having a wedding outside of the summer months because of unpredictable weather, but it has so much potential to be a beautiful and perhaps less costly occasion. If you’re planning your winter wedding, consider these wonderful colour themes for the day of your dreams. If you’re thinking about keeping your decorations and flowers seasonal, we’ve got tips for that too.

Bring on the blues

While shades of blue lend themselves to weddings any time of year, in the winter months there’s plenty of scope for icy shades in rich, luxe fabrics. Whether it’s the table decor, the dresses, or the accessories, blues work very well. You could have a pop of colour with the bolder tones, or as a more neutral pairing with softer tones. Deep blues would make a colour palette of expected jewel tones like rich burgundies, mustards, sage, and emerald greens unexpected and surprising, from the time your guests first receive their invitations, until they’re seated at the tables.

Make guests green with envy

Rather than cover every railing and table with flowers that are likely going to be expensive to ship in for the colder months, skip the blooms altogether and go green. Willow, eucalyptus, pine, and fir make for elegant decorations that will bring the beauty of nature into your wedding no matter the venue. Garlands of greenery work on stairwells, fireplace mantles, or down each table at the reception, filled in as needed with winter fruits and berries. If going green is overwhelming, then dress tables with eucalyptus leaves or berries and garnish dishes with aromatic and woody herbs which not only look beautiful but add a beautiful fragrance to the air. Rich green colours, such as emerald, for bridesmaid dresses, and ties for the groomsmen or mother of the bride add to the luxurious green theme.

Be bold with gold and berry shades

Why not spread bursts of strong rich colours throughout your big day, with a focus on wintery tones, gold sparkles and bold berry shades? If matched with cool greys, blue hues, and golden hues, you’ll get depth and warmth to your winter wedding. For an added sense of luxury, use these berry shades throughout your wedding, from distinctive and sophisticated dark berry-coloured dresses for you and bridesmaids, to floral arrangements with berries and gold leaves, and bouquets with wine-coloured florals. Consider wine red dresses for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, or even a luxury maroon suit and/or tie for the Groom.

Stay seasonal with your decorations

There are plenty of blooms that are either only in season during the winter or continue to bloom all year long, but keep in mind that a winter wedding doesn’t need to be overly flowery. Winter sheds the leaves and buds off blooming branches, but there are still plenty of wintery florals that look just as ethereal as spring blooms. Luckily, an arch of branches is breathtaking, especially when it opens to an expansive wintery landscape. As always, work with your florist and wedding planner to determine the look and feel that you want, as it’s your big day!

What’s the best dress for a winter wedding?

As we always say, you choose to wear whatever you’re comfortable in. You can always accessorise your dress with accessories, whether you’d like a faux fur shawl, customised denim jacket, or even a cape you can get two looks in one and stay warm on your day. The important part is that you’re confident and comfortable on your magical day.

Are you planning a winter wedding? We’d love to help so get in touch today!

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