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A Guide To Perfecting Your Winter Wedding

Whether you had originally planned a cosy autumn/winter wedding or have found yourself having to postpone your summer celebrations, we’re going to discuss the ways you can transform your wedding into a magical winter wonderland.

Many couples shy away from the idea of booking their wedding outside of the summer months in the fear of cold weather, dark evenings, and the chance of ice or snow. We’ve put together some top tips for autumn/winter weddings including how to embrace the rich seasonal colours and transform your venue into a cosy haven with intimate lighting.

1) Choose an Autumn/Winter Colour Scheme

There are so many beautiful bold colours and frosted pastel hues that come with the autumn/winter months. Choosing a winter-inspired colour scheme will really make your wedding photos pop, especially if your ceremony falls on a frosty day. Seasonal colours look beautiful when paired with rustic textures such as lace or hessian. Adding Jewels, glitter, or metallic finishes such as copper or silver can look fantastic too.

Some popular suggestions for Autumn/Winter colour schemes are:

· Burgundy

· Navy

· Emerald Green

· Gold

· Classic White

· Pastels

· Dark Pinks

· Silver

· Rose Gold

To keep yourself and your bridesmaids warm, opt for a shawl to drape around the shoulders, a furry or warmer cardigan or shrug, or go all out and try leather or denim jackets if that’s your kind of style. Supplying your guests with cosy blankets for the seating areas is also a lovely idea should you be getting married on a particularly cold day.

2) Add Seasonal Decorations to Your Wedding Cake

There are lots of ways in which you can add a touch of autumn/winter to your wedding cake. Talk to your cake maker about adding berries, winter flowers, or greenery for a wintery rustic look, or opt for blush pinks, gold, copper, and glitter if you are after a glamorous feel.

3) Seasonal Table Décor

When it comes to table décor, name place cards, napkins, tablecloths and chair sashes, you can carefully match, or contrast, your colour scheme. Try using pinecones, wood, baubles, or twigs of pine as name place cards or table décor.

Some popular choices for contrasting table décor are:

· Navy and Gold

· Burgundy and Silver

· Emerald Green and Gold

· Sultry Red with Silver or Gold

· Dark Pinks with Silver and Grey

4) Using Lighting to Create a Cosy Feel

Naturally, the late afternoons and evenings are darker in the winter months, meaning you shouldn’t skip the importance of lighting. To get a good feel for your venue, perhaps book a visit in the evening when it’s already dark. This will give you more of an idea of what you will be working with, and you can get a proper look at the lighting the venue already provides.

For a super cosy setting, we suggest getting creative with warm-toned fairy lights, lanterns, and either real or fake candles.

5) Make the Most of The Natural Light

One of the most important things to remember about autumn/winter weddings is that the natural light isn’t going to be around for long.

We suggest you shuffle the day around a little bit to ensure that you get those gorgeous golden hour photographs before darkness. That goes for the photos of the bride, groom, and wedding party, the first dance, cake cutting, and the speeches. Go for an earlier wedding ceremony to ensure you can squeeze these key moments in before the sun begins to set.

6) Choose a Seasonal Bouquet

Finally, talk to a florist about the types of flowers in season for the autumn and winter months. Flowers are a huge part of any wedding day so it’s important that you are happy with your choice and that they complement your dress, colour scheme, and venue. You can even add wintery touches to your bouquet by using pinecones, decorative sparkle, and leafy foliage.

If you’re looking for a special wedding dress for your winter wedding day, contact the team at Lily’s Boutique today.

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