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2023 Wedding Trend Predictions

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Get excited, brides and grooms of 2023! There are so many wedding trends to look forward for next year. As you know, when planning a wedding, there are countless details to think about, from the bouquet and cake to the bridesmaids' dresses and the guestbook. The upcoming year's trends are a fantastic place to start looking for inspiration, as they may contain ideas that can help make your wedding perfect for you.

Ecofriendly wedding favours

Get rid of the elaborately wrapped party favours and place cards. Seeds, potted plants, edible gifts and charity donations are all great options if you want to embrace this more environmentally-friendly wedding trend in 2023. If you're looking for a creative alternative to writing names on slips of paper for the table, how about baking biscuits and using them as both party favours and place settings? Alternatively, you could use eco-friendly supplies to create unique coasters. Numerous DIY creations can win the hearts of guests and be proudly displayed at home after the big day.

TikTok inspired wedding days

TikTok's influence on the wedding business is profound, and it's already influencing how engaged couples approach wedding planning.

More and more brides-to-be will be using the platform in 2023 to connect with professionals in the wedding industry, browse for ideas, and learn from and give advice to one another. You can even check out some experts' views on everything from safari honeymoons and bows and pearls.

Slits for days

A slit in your wedding dress is a modern approach to enhance your dress's sensuality without making your guests blush, similar to the use of corset components. Slits in your gown are not only a seductive detail but also a practical one for when the heat of the dance floor begins to rise. Love this look but your ideal dress lacks the silt? Ask your wedding dress designer and tailor about adding one.

Candid, natural-looking photos

2023 wedding photography will be placing an emphasis on natural light and unscripted moments. This type of photography, often known as "editorial" or "documentary" photography, is characterised by swapping posed shots in favour of the more natural, in-the-moment shots.

Nowadays, newlyweds are less concerned with having a picture-perfect reception and more interested in letting their photographers record the day with little in the way of guidance or interruptions.

Mates of honour, groomsmaids & more

Over a fifth more people are searching for "male bridesmaid" now than they were five years ago, as couples seek to have wedding parties that better represent their actual friendship networks rather than the outdated gender-segregated standard. With 1,000 monthly searches for "man of honour" in 2022, bridal parties are becoming increasingly diverse, with more and more couples opting for inclusive titles like "bridesmates," "wedding squad," and "I do crew".

Will you be a 2023 bride? We’re happy to help find your ideal dress, so contact us today.

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