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2022 Roundup: The Biggest Wedding Trends We’ve Seen This Year

2022 was one of the biggest wedding seasons on record thanks to so many with so many weddings being postponed and cancelled over the last few years. Understandably, people really wanted to celebrate, and we saw bigger and bolder celebrations than before.

So what are the wedding trends we’ve seen, and what’s set to continue into 2023?

Earthy, nature-inspired palettes

Nature-inspired colour schemes made up of saturated tones and rich, earthy hues and natural materials such as stone, linen, wood, and woven cotton complement each other wonderfully.

We’ve seen a rise in terracotta pots, wood placeholders, and linen napkins in neutral honeyed colours or more amber and orange tones to decorate the reception tables. Bridesmaid dress colours in burnt orange, terracotta, and deep red have also risen, creating an autumnal theme no matter the wedding date. We’ve also seen a lot more leaf details on tables and bouquets along with dried flowers and vines.

Rise of beach weddings

This year many brides have chosen to have a more intimate setting with a small group of friends and family. After finding the perfect wedding dress the couple and their loved ones have opted to tie the knot somewhere special, with a large focus on the overall wedding day experience.

For many, the small groups have meant that destination beach weddings have become more viable and popular. The top countries for a destination beach wedding include Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Maldives, and Southern Italy.

Sober conscious weddings

More and more couples are putting alcohol-free alternatives on their menu as the sober curious movement rises. It’s now fairly common to avoid or reduce alcohol intake, and it’s having a big impact on weddings this year.

It’s no surprise that searches for maternity wedding dresses and guest dresses have increased too, which really lends itself to putting more excitement on the alcohol-free beverages. We love a good mocktail as an interesting alternative to water or lemonade!

Mid-week weddings

With weekend wedding dates being booked up for years in advance, weekday weddings have seen a surge this year in popularity. It’s unsurprising that couples are tired of waiting and instead have been choosing weekday weddings to ensure they get to celebrate their day within 2022. Whether couples are increasing their budgets or reducing them, weekday weddings are trending. A bonus for the couples opting for this is that venues will often offer more competitive rates for weekday weddings too.

Interesting wedding entertainment

One trend that has really exploded this year is couples having unusual entertainment at their wedding. Traditional set ups are being thrown to the wind and couples are doing weddings differently. Music has been a huge focus, and there was an increase in a focus on the after wedding party. We’ve seen people turning their receptions into giant parties with beer pong, axe throwing, bouncy castles and photobooths before taking to the dancefloor. We enjoy seeing photos of our brides having a wonderful time at the party of their lifetimes.

Even a regular DJ isn’t standard this year, and instead there’s a pre-DJ show with a live band, or even a barber shop quartet or Motown ensemble before the DJ does his late-night set. Expecting the DJ set to be loud? Don’t worry! Silent discos have also been increasing due to differing music tastes. It’s really been made into a night to remember.

Did you get married in 2022? Or are you planning your wedding and looking to the past year for inspiration? Here at Lily’s Boutique we’re happy to help find your ideal dress, so contact us today.

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