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Wedding shoes for the big day!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Wedding shoes for the big day is a major decision (second only to choosing THE dress). Deciding what wedding shoes to wear on your special day is a question asked so many times. There is so much choice out there... from sophisticate to glamorous, fun and colourful, to personalised and sparkly. Whatever you choose, remember to choose comfort .

It’s a very long day on your feet getting ready, the ceremony, meeting and greeting friends and family, the reception and the first dance! Your wedding shoes will show your personality and as long as they are comfortable your gown length can be adjusted so you can glide down the aisle where ever that might be.

There are so many ideas at all price points that could co-ordinate with your flowers, or your honeymoon outfit, or just put them away in a box to be kept as keepsake forever! And a keepsake box is also a really good idea to put other memories of your big day away in – remember that your shoes will keep well but put them away clean.

Here are a few of our favourite wedding shoes:

Irregular Choice Wedding Shoe
Patterned Shoe

Coluorful beauties will look great with our wedding dresses in shades of pastel blue and pink.

Lace Heeled Shoe
Laced Up

Amazing with our lace dresses.


Now these are super comfy if you don’t do heels - Converse or pumps?

Glittered Block Heels
Glittery Heels

Solid block heel for comfort and lots of sparkle interest.


So many amazing ways to personalise your wedding shoes!


Beach Weddings take on flip flops! Many wonderful designs to choose from or customise your own?

Do I need shoes when I come to try dresses on ?

No you don’t need your own shoes, or your wedding shoes. If you haven’t chosen a pair already don’t worry, whist you are trying on dresses with us we have shoes you can stand in to get a good impression of how your dress will look.

When you come for your first fitting of your wedding dress we do ask you to bring your own shoes for each appointment going forward. You may want to check the colour and how they match and we will want to check the length of your gown and how easily you can walk with your dress and shoes on.

How do I clean my wedding shoes ?

To clean your satin or any fabric wedding shoes take time and care, especially if you have had an outdoor wedding. It might take a couple of turns, but keep going by gently brushing away the loose dirt with a new, clean, soft tooth brush. Then, with a gentle solution of soapy water, gently brush in the same direction as the satin grain or fabric of the shoe until it comes clean. Grass stains are much harder to remove, try a weak solution of Stain Devil's grass stain remover.

Once clean, leave to dry naturally before packing away in new clean acid free tissue paper.

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