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Choosing the Right Bridesmaid's Dresses to Complement Your Style

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When it comes to planning a wedding, the to-do list is endless. But while the bride's dress is naturally the main focal point, it's important that she doesn't neglect the bridesmaids' choice of attire too. That's why choosing the right bridesmaid's dresses to complement your style is so important.

When you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, while yes, it is an honour, you are still asking them to do you a favour. And in doing that, it's your responsibility to ensure that they also look fabulous and feel comfortable on your big day. However, we all come in so many shapes and sizes and it can be a real task trying to find a bridesmaid dress that will suit all of the ladies in your bride tribe. Here are some foolproof ways to keep everyone happy.

Be Mindful of Body Shape/Figure

Different styles complement different shapes so first it might be helpful to learn what dress type will suit a particular figure. For example, an apple shape would work well with a wrap dress or empire cut to give the illusion of curves. A straight shape would look great with a cinched waist or flowing Grecian-style dress. A figure hugging dress would really complement an hourglass shape... and the list goes on. Do your research and know which dresses to suggest to your bridesmaids before you insist on trying anything on.

Be flexible

Ultimately, regardless of your wishes, your bridesmaids still might not feel totally comfortable in the dress you choose for them, and sometimes you just have to accept that. This is when it can be helpful to remain flexible by giving them freedom of choice. For example, you could pick a colour or pattern and then let them choose the style of dress that they feel most comfortable in. That way you still get to choose the overall theme but they will be happier with the option to pick the style. Lily's Boutique is proud to be an approved Dessy Group retailer, giving you plenty of selection and a variety of options when it comes to bridesmaid's dresses.

Lovely Dresses by Dessy UK
Lovely Dresses by Dessy Group

Consider two pieces or multi-way items

Multi-way dresses can be the perfect solution to keep the theme consistent but still offer some customisation options. These type of dresses usually feature adjustable necklines which can be worn in a number of styles - strapless, halter neck, one-shouldered and so on. Take a look at the Loop dress (shown below), also by Dessy Group and available here at Lily's Boutique, for more style inspo! Two pieces - a separate top and skirt combination - are also a booming trend in 2020 that allow for long sleeves, short sleeves and different skirt lengths and styles. If you feel strongly about your bridesmaids wearing the same thing then this is a great way to do that while still giving them some choice over how to wear the dress.

The Loop Dress by Dessy UK
The Loop Dress by Dessy Group

Most Importantly - Be honest about what you want

Being sensitive to the needs of each bridesmaid while still retaining some element of control can be precarious. But it's always best to be honest and upfront about your desires and your budget. Your bridesmaids are, by nature, people who mean something to you and will hopefully be helpful and supportive in your choices. Don't forget, it's your day still - so an open line of communication, a few toasts and a great group of friends will help to keep everyone smiling.

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