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Alternative Bridal Looks: From Floral to Black Wedding Dresses

Traditional wedding dresses have long been defined by white gowns, however, in the ever-evolving world of bridal fashion, a wave of change is sweeping through and bringing with it a welcome new era of alternative and daring looks for the modern bride!  


At Lily’s Boutique, we’re all about encouraging our clients to express their unique style, even if it strays away from the conventional. Whilst we stock plenty of classic options for brides who’d prefer to stick to tradition, we also have a range of non-conventional options. From delicate floral touches to the bold statement of black wedding dresses, this blog goes over everything you need to know about alternative bridal looks. 

Black wedding dresses 

In the past, black wedding dresses were thought of as purely for those having a gothic-themed wedding (think Morticia Addams vibes!) but now, black wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular for brides who want to make a statement. 


The allure of a black dress lies in its timeless elegance and understated sophistication, offering a striking and memorable contrast to the customary white. Accompanied by a matching black veil, it’s perfect for creating an air of mystery and boldness. 

Blue wedding dresses 

If you still want to make a statement but black is a bit too much (or just simply not your preferred colour), blue is also becoming a more common choice. Available in a variety of shades, this colour is universally flattering and great for those who want something different from a traditional white gown. 

Floral gowns 

After something a bit more romantic than a black or blue dress? A floral wedding dress could be the answer! Flowers are gorgeous symbols of romance and elegance, and with so much variety, you’re sure to find something you adore. 


If going for a full floral gown feels a bit too daunting, there’s a charming compromise emerging – floral accessories. For those not entirely comfortable donning a full-floral gown, floral veils and accessories present a great option to add something a little different to your bridal look.  


Paired elegantly with a classic white gown, a floral veil adds a touch of whimsy and individuality without overpowering the entire look or breaking too hard from tradition. Or why not opt for shoes adorned with floral accents or intricate floral headpieces? These little details can totally transform an outfit, infusing it with a touch of nature’s beauty. 

Coordinated accessories 

Coordinated accessories aren’t just for florals either! If you just want to dip your toe into the alternative look rather than going all out, doing it through accessories works across a variety of styles. For example, monochromatic accessories perfectly complement both black and white dresses, adding an element of sophistication and ensuring it stays cohesive.  

Alternative bridal party looks 

The beauty of these alternative styles extends beyond the bride. If you want to bring an element of the alternative to your big day but you’re not comfortable wearing it yourself, you can do it through your wedding party.  


If you like the idea of florals, bridesmaids can effortlessly complement the theme by wearing floral dresses or incorporating floral accessories into their ensemble. This can complement elements of your dress and accessories beautifully. 


Similarly, if you like the idea of something a little more dark and edgy, flower girls adorned in black sashes compliment a darker wedding dress and contribute to the visual allure of the occasion. 

Need some extra help finding your alternative bridal looks? 

Navigating the waters of alternative bridal fashion may seem a tad daunting, but fear not! We're here to help you every step of the way. From offering recommendations you may not have considered to helping you match your dress to accessories you’ve already got, we’ll help you to put together the perfect alternative bridal look. 


Our fabulous boutique is located just off Junction 30 of the M1, making us well-placed to serve customers from North Nottingham, Derby, South Yorkshire including, Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Worksop and beyond. Our team is a friendly bunch too and we pride ourselves on offering a warm and relaxed environment, where you can have fun finding the dress of your dreams. 


So, embrace the uniqueness, let your style speak volumes, and embark on your journey to find the perfect alternative bridal look. After all, your wedding day should reflect you


Contact us today to book an appointment! 

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