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What Makes A British Summertime Wedding… So Great!

As the warm, golden days of summer approach, many couples dream of celebrating their love amidst the beauty and classic charm of the British summertime. Imagine exchanging vows under a clear blue sky, surrounded by the joyful hues of summer flowers, and dancing the night away under twinkling fairy lights – bliss!  


There’s something utterly magical about a summer wedding in Britain that makes it truly unforgettable. But what is that special ‘something’? 


Grand celebrations and longer days 

One of the standout features of a British summertime wedding is the ability to turn your nuptials into a grand celebration. Summer is a popular time for holidays, meaning friends and family are more likely to be able to travel and join in your special day. Unlike in winter, where potentially treacherous weather conditions can make it a little trickier.  


One of the best things about a British summertime wedding is of course the extended daylight. With longer days, your celebration can start earlier and last well into the night. This means more time for photos, more time to enjoy the company of your guests, and more time to dance the night away. The golden hour, just before sunset, provides the most beautiful lighting for your wedding photos, capturing those precious moments in a soft, romantic glow. 


The weather usually plays ball 

Whilst British weather does have a reputation for being a little bit unpredictable, summer is when you’re obviously most likely to enjoy warm, sunny days. If having sunshine is a big deal to you, then summer is definitely the season to go for. And even if the weather decides to surprise you, the charm of a British summer wedding is that it can be beautiful in any weather – a light drizzle can even add a touch of romantic cosiness to your special day. After all, don’t all of the epic romance films have at least one kiss in the rain? 


Stunning locations and scenic backdrops  

Another wonderful thing about Britain is the huge range of incredible locations and backdrops you can choose from. Whether you want rolling countryside, castles steeped in history, or to feel the sand between your toes when you say, “I do”, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice: 


Traditional church weddings 

Of course, if you’d rather have a traditional church wedding, Britain is home to countless historic churches, each with its unique charm and history. A church wedding allows for a grand entrance with a longer train on your dress, creating a regal and timeless look. At Lily's Boutique, we offer a service to bustle your train for the reception, ensuring you can dance and mingle comfortably while maintaining the elegance of your dress. 


Outdoor weddings with British flowers 

If you prefer an outdoor wedding, British summertime offers an array of gorgeous flowers to incorporate into your décor and bridal party attire. Matching bridesmaids’ dresses with seasonal British flowers can create a harmonious and visually stunning look. Whether it’s the soft hues of lavender or the bold colours of roses and peonies, your wedding will be a feast for the eyes. 


Coastal weddings 

We can’t forget our iconic coastline! The serene beauty of the seaside, combined with the tradition of wearing something blue for luck, can be seamlessly brought into your wedding theme. Blue bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly complement the coastal setting, adding a touch of elegance and tradition to your day. The sound of waves and the sea breeze will make your wedding unforgettable. 


The perfect blend of tradition and modernity 

British weddings beautifully blend tradition and modernity. You can start with a traditional church ceremony, followed by a contemporary reception with a personal twist. This mix allows you to honour timeless customs while also reflecting your unique style as a couple. And with our range of dresses and accessories at Lily's Boutique, you can find the perfect ensemble to match your vision, whether it’s classic or contemporary. We love being able to cater to all styles, sizes, and visions!  


Tips for planning your British summertime wedding 


Weather-proof your plans: While the weather is likely to be good, it’s always wise to have a backup plan. You might want consider marquees or other indoor options that can be quickly accessed if you need to take the party inside. 


Seasonal menu: Take advantage of the fresh, seasonal produce available in the summer. A menu featuring local ingredients will delight your guests and add a special touch to your reception. 


Comfortable attire: While a stunning wedding dress is a must, double check that it’s going to be comfortable for warmer weather. Lighter fabrics and designs that allow for ease of movement will keep you comfortable throughout the day, and boogying through the night! 


Accessorise thoughtfully: Summer weddings call for thoughtful accessorising. At Lily's Boutique, we have a range of accessories perfect for a summer wedding, from delicate veils to sparkling hairpieces. 



Planning your dream summer wedding? Contact us today, we’d love to help you find the perfect dresses and accessorises!  

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