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Top Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Thousands of couples have had their summer wedding plans scuppered this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But with winter now approaching, it could be time to consider a completely new wedding plan if you don't want to wait another full year to tie the knot.

Winter weddings are fast becoming as popular as summer ones. The crisp weather, the magic of the festive season and dramatically lower prices are all fabulous incentives to get wed in the winter. But there are certain things that need a little more forward planning. Here are some top tips for planning a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Bouquet
Winter Wedding Bouquet

Heating and lighting

The two main differences between a typical summer day and a peak winter day is the vast difference in temperature and daylight. So you need to think about how your venue is going to compensate for this. It's a good idea to visit your venue at night time so that you can get a feel of the atmosphere with the lighting options in place. It may also give your photographer the opportunity to plan their shots. Most indoor venues will provide adequate heating, but if you are using a barn or marquee setting, then you'll need to consider using additional heating to keep your guests toasty.

Back up plans

You can never predict the lovely British weather, but in winter the chances of it being unpredictable and, at times, adverse need to be considered as a serious possibility. Ask your venue about contingency plans in the event of severe snow or gales. Will suppliers be able to get there? Will parking still be available for guests? And speaking of which... it's prudent to allow a little extra travel time for your guests when hosting a winter wedding as the chances of delays in cold weather are higher.

Utilise the seasonal atmosphere

Christmas is a wonderful time of rich colours, twinkling lights and exuberant decoration - so factor this into your winter wedding decor. Some wedding venues, particularly the stately home or hotel types, will probably have their own Christmas decorations in place so it's important that you can see whether this is a style that suits you or one that could clash with your own personal taste. You can theme your food and entertainment around the festive period too, offering hot chocolate, mince pies and even carol singers in the reception.

The attire

When it comes to winter weddings the outfit possibilities are endless. Think long, beaded sleeves or fur-lined capes for a true snow princess bride vibe. Shawls and boleros for the bridesmaids will offer warmth that can be discarded on the dance floor while thick, sumptuous fabric like velvet or tweed could be ideal for the groomsmen. If anything the cold weather enhances the options for accessorising and to really nail the winter look, incorporate seasonal plants like holly and ivy into your bouquet and headpiece. You can find some useful tips on our blog about wedding accessories as well.

Winter weddings may not be first choice for some, but for others it's everything they've ever imagined. No matter what, the temp may be cold, but your hearts will be warm. Just remember that weddings based on season have several factors to take into account and with proper planning can definitely come out perfectly!

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