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The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Lingerie

Unfortunately, it's true that wearing the wrong lingerie under your wedding dress can cause all sorts of problems. From feeling uncomfortable and unsupported to having straps and lines changing the shape of your silhouette. You don’t want it to completely distract attention from you and your beauty. Buying a bra and underwear may not be as fun as looking for the perfect dress, but you shouldn't neglect it! For such an important day, you definitely don't want to be uncomfortable or have any cheeky bra straps in your photos.

The importance of bust support

No matter the dress, you need to consider your support. In order to improve your posture, having your boobs lifted and supported will cause you to round your back and broaden your chest. Support is important whether you’re a larger cup size or a smaller one. Need a little help in the boob area? Go for a bra that has detachable or adjustable padding. Not what you need? Swap out the padding for a soft-cup bra with an underwire instead.

One shade does not fit all

The best undergarments for a bride are those that go unnoticed. For this reason, it's important to choose a nude colour that works with your skin tone. Even while the contrast in colour between skin and lingerie is less noticeable when wearing a fuller skirt, it is still something to keep in mind when planning your outfit. Remember that most lingerie stores only stock a single "nude" colour, which is not universally flattering for all skin colours, so you may want to shop around. M&S has a good range.

Lingerie for the day before

Ideally, don’t wear a bra the day before – especially if you have a strapless, lowcut or backless dress! If you spend all that money on a dress, you don’t want the ghost of yesterday’s bra steal the spotlight. Avoid the bra. If no-bra isn’t an option, opt for a bralette with less pressure on the straps, or a strapless bra for those strapless gowns.

Lingerie for the morning of

What you wear when "getting ready" on the morning of your wedding should be photogenic, provide adequate coverage so that you feel secure greeting close friends and family, and not leave any skin indentations. Light dressing gowns are helpful here and you can even get personalised versions for yourself or the bridesmaids.

Lingerie for backless and low-cut dresses

Low-back bra converters are only one of several excellent bra-conversion choices available. Other options for brides who need a little extra support under their dress but don't want to wear full lingerie are lift tape, nipple covers, and strapless, adhesive bras.

When it comes to lower cut wedding gowns, try a frontless or plunging bra designed for offering some more support. However, if you’ve got a larger bust, this might not suit you, so be sure to experiment to find your perfect pairing.

Lingerie for a strapless dress

A strapless bra is a logical choice for a bride wearing a strapless dress, or one with very thin straps. Bridal underwear without straps, such as a long-line bra with a corset-like bodice, can do double duty by drawing attention to your waist and making you feel secure all day long. Make sure the silicone strapless bra you're considering has good grip and won't slip. Having to readjust your strapless bra all the time is the worst, and we want you to be comfortable!

A seamless bodysuit or corset-style garment is a fantastic and convenient option for support and, if you want it, shaping. Make sure it has all the features you want, such as padded cups if you want more lift, snap closures for quick dressing, and a silicone grip lining for a secure fit.

Lingerie for a figure-hugging dress

Underwear that lies flat and smooth is a need while wearing form-fitting gowns. This can either be a slip to make a seamless cover or maybe you’d prefer some strategic shapewear to smooth out any lingerie bumps or patterns while feeling elegant and supported.

Lingerie for the wedding night

Once the celebrations are over, there’s no doubt you’ll want to indulge in a little comfortable luxury at the end of your wedding night. This once-in-a-lifetime night calls for once-in-a-lifetime lingerie – so push the boat out! Choose something that emphasises your assets and makes YOU feel beautiful.

Are you still searching for your perfect gown? Get in touch today and we will help you find the dress of your dreams.

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