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Prom Makeup Inspiration

Prom season is almost here, and we know that you want to look your absolute best! After months of planning and checking off your prom list, you’re still trying to decide on the perfect makeup look. We understand how overwhelming it can be! With so many options it can be tough to pick just one.

That's why we’ve put together this post to help you create the perfect prom makeup look. From natural glam to fluttery eyelashes and even letting your dress do all the talking, we’ve got you covered!

Natural glam

This is the perfect look for all those who want to achieve a natural yet glam look. Start with a primer then a light foundation and blend in a concealer to get a smooth, even skin tone. Next, apply a light pink blush to your cheeks and a highlighter to your cheekbones and nose bridge.

For your eyes, you can keep it simple but still glam. Use a light gold or champagne eyeshadow on your eyelids and blend it up into your crease. Add some definition to your outer edges of your eyelids with a brown or black eyeshadow and finish it off with several coats of mascara.

Natural dewy skin

If you prefer a more natural look, go for a simple foundation and concealer combo. You’ll still need a good base with primer, but you can even skip the eyeshadow and just use a light brown eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas.

For the lips, you can use a nude lip liner followed by a matching lipstick or lip gloss. If you want to add a bit more glam, opt for a pink or peach gloss.

Eyelash styles

Long and thick lashes are a must for prom! Brands such as Eylure are popular, and you can also choose magnetic lashes that stick to liner - but make sure you practise first! But rather than opting for falsies, many girls are choosing to get eyelash extensions from a local salon for a longer-lasting glam look.

If you want to go for more of a subtle look, you can use a mascara to get your desired length and volume. To avoid clumping, apply the mascara in zig-zag motions while wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes. This will help to separate them and give you a more natural look. Comb them through and you'll have eyes to flutter at whoever you like!

Bold eyeshadow looks

The bold eyeshadow look has been around for a while but it doesn’t seem to be as popular this prom season. We’re seeing more girls go for natural glam or ‘barely there’ makeup instead. That said, your makeup should be completely a reflection of who you are and what you want to do, so if bold is your thing, go for it!

Let the dress speak

This is one of our favorite looks for prom - let your dress do all the talking! If you have an intricate or statement-making dress, keep your makeup simple and let your outfit shine.

Here are some modern makeup hacks that cover everything from blush placement to setting spray, faux freckles, full lips, and nose contouring.

Do your own makeup

For the budget-savvy girls out there, doing your own makeup is a great way to save money and still look amazing. The key here is to give yourself enough time to practice and perfect your techniques.

Watch YouTube tutorials and practice your makeup looks at least a few days before prom. This will give you enough time to fix any mistakes and get the look just right.

We hope this post was helpful in inspiring your perfect prom makeup look!

This WikiHow has some helpful reminders about when you need to do certain things - make sure you check it out so you don't forget anything.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the special moment. And if you’re still looking for the perfect dress, give us a call to come and try on your dream dress.

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