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How to Choose and Buy Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The big decision has been made - your wedding dress has been ordered. Now it’s time to think about the bridesmaid dresses, and that’s not always a straightforward decision, but we are here to make is as easy as possible!

Your bridesmaids may be different ages, different sizes, and different body shapes, and they might have very different clothing styles and preferences. Choosing the right dress might be tricky, but we’re here to help.

The first decision in choosing a bridesmaid dress

The first decision is one the bride needs to make. What is her colour scheme or theme to follow? Will you allow your bridesmaids a certain amount of free rein to choose their own dresses, or would you like them all to match as closely as possible? Sometimes brides choose the colour and fabric, but each bridesmaid has a different design or neckline, to suit their body shape and taste. Not every bridesmaid will want to wear certain lengths of dresses, and some prefer more support around the bust area. It’s important to factor in everyone’s preferences if you can.

Start with some online research. Browse different wedding photos and pick out some you like. Even if you are allowing the bridesmaids to select their own dresses, it’s best to give them an idea of the styles you like, as well as colour or overall look you are going for.

Silk Cream Wedding Dress

Make bridesmaid dresses an event

The best way to find the right bridesmaid dresses is to shop together. Visit a bridal shop – that’s a must. You’ll have expert advice and far more choice, all in one place. At Lily’s Boutique we will reserve an appointment when you can all visit together, and our expert stylist is on hand to help.

If you’ve found an idea of the styles you like, bring your research along. Our stylist will discuss the options and help you filter through the dresses available. With over 350 styles on our rails to choose from, you’re bound to find something that makes everyone happy.

The advantage of visiting our bridal shop together is that each of your bridesmaids can see the dress you’ve chosen, try them on and have a proper fitting. It makes a real difference to see a dress in real life compared to online photos.

And, if you are having different styles for children and adults, or some of your adult bridesmaids prefer different styles to suit their body shapes, we can help you to keep the same theme or colour, so everything is coordinated. Our range of Dessy bridesmaid dresses have mix and match options that are perfect for everyone. After all, you want your ‘Bride Squad’ to look and feel comfortable and confident in their dress for the big day.

Simple Green Bridesmaid Dress

Budgeting for bridesmaid dresses

One potential pitfall in dress shopping is the budget. Whether you’re covering the cost, or asking your bridesmaids to contribute, it’s important that you set your budget in advance and talk openly with your chosen friends and family members.

When you come to Lily’s Boutique we want to help you get the perfect dresses. With our huge choice of style, we know we can help fit any body shape and most budgets. And we also have a fabulous range of end of the line special offers to choose from.

We’ll also advise you on the cost of alterations – an important thing to factor into your pricing. Our alterations are done in house, so you’ll not only have the perfect fit, you’ll get the best pricing too.

Light Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Great value on bridesmaid dresses

When it comes to selecting your bridesmaid dresses, we want everyone feel amazing. Your bridesmaids will have beautiful dresses, you’ll know your wedding will look fabulous. And with our good ol’ Yorkshire value for money prices, you’ll all feel that you got the very best bargain.

For the best price in the north, visit Lily’s Boutique for your bridesmaid dress shopping. Call to make your personal appointment today.

Pastel Colour Bridesmaid Dresses

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