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Elegant and on-trend bridesmaids dresses - book your exclusive appointment now!


The big decision has been made - your wedding dress has been ordered. Now it’s time to think about the bridesmaid dresses, and that’s not always a straightforward decision, but we are here to make is as easy as possible!

With over 400 styles and up to 100 colours at Lily's we aim to have the perfect bridesmaid dresses for you,


Your bridesmaids may be of different ages, different sizes, and different body shapes, and they might have very different clothing styles and preferences. Choosing the right dress might be tricky, but we’re here to help.

We offer exclusive bookings for you and your party so please book your appointment using the booking form now.

Bridesmaid Dresses green and mustard

Book Your Exclusive Appointment 

All our viewings and fittings are exclusively for you.


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Bride and Bridesmaids

How to Choose and Buy Your Bridesmaid Dresses

We've worked with bridal parties for years and years and we feel, that when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses, there's a successful process that works time and time again. 

How to choose and buy your bridesmaid dresses:

  • Choose your theme and colour first.

  • Shop together with your bridesmaids -make it an event!

  • Set your budget ahead of time and plan for some alterations.

  • Have fun and make a real occasion of it.

We've listed our exact journey from visit to fitting right here for you - How to choose and buy your bridesmaid dresses, so go take a look!

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
Dessy Bridesmaids Dresses

We understand that no two bridesmaids are alike, whether you are searching for plus size, or even maternity, there is a variety of styles to suit every budget, size and occasion.

The Dessy Group Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses
Dessy Briedesmain Dresses
Dessy Briedesmain Dresses
Lovely Bride by The Dessy Group

From short, fun bridesmaid dresses to beautiful, long dresses with sleeves, we offer something different, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect gown for your special event.  Here are just a few of the latest styles:

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